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Monday, January 30, 2017

Prayers for Muslims in Quebec City

The Holy Father, Pope Francis has sent a message of condolence to the Archbishop of Quebec, His Eminence, Gérald Cyprien Cardinal Lacroix.  Last evening, in Quebec City, Muslims who were at prayer within a Mosque were brutally attacked.

Message of the Cardinal Secretary of State
expressing condolences for the death of
Muslims attacked while they were at prayer

Having learned of the attack that took place in Quebec in a prayer room within the Islamic cultural centre, leaving many victims, His Holiness, Pope Francis confides to the mercy of God those who have lost their lives and is united in prayer with their family members who are mourning.  He expresses his profound sympathy to those who have been wounded and to their families, as well as to all people who have contributed to assisting them, asking the Lord to bring them comfort and consolation in their moment of need.

Once again, the Holy Father firmly condemns the violence that engenders so much suffering and, imploring from God the gift of mutual respect and peace, he invokes upon the families of the victims and upon all people touched by this drama as well as upon all the people of Quebec the benefit of divine blessings.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State of His Holiness
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