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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Visiting with the faithful in Milan

At 11:30am this morning, at the conclusion of his meeting with priests and with consecrated people in the Cathedral of Milan, the Holy Father, Pope Francis went to the square outside the Cathedral to recite the Angelus and to bless the faithful who were present.

Greetings of the Holy Father, Pope Francis
prior to the recitation of the Angelus

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you and thank you for your warm welcome here in Milan.  The clouds have gone away!  Evil tongues say that there will be rain ... I don't know, I don't see rain yet!  Thank you very much for your affection, and I ask you please to pray, to pray for me, that I might serve the people of God, serve the Lord, and do his will.  Now, I invite you to pray the Angelus with me, all together.

Angelus Domini ...

Visit of the Holy Father, Pope Francis
to the Prison of San Vittore

At the conclusion of the Angelus, which was recited in the square outside the Cathedral in Milan, at 12:05pm today, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, accompanied by His Eminence, Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, paid a visit to the Prison of  San Vittore.

Upon his arrival, at the entrance to Filangieri Square, the Pope was welcomed by Doctor Luigi Pagano, Regional Superintendent of Lombardy; by Doctor Gloria Manzelli, Director of the Prison; by Chief Commissioner Manuela Federico, Commander and by Father Marco Recalcati, Chaplain of the prison.

Then, in the corridor of the entrance, the Holy Father greeted the prison staff and the Penitentiary Police.  Then, in various areas of the structure, the Pope personally greeted the detainees and shared lunch with one hundred of them in the Third Ray of the Prison.

At 2:15pm, the Holy Father travelled by car to Monza Park for the celebration of Holy Mass.

Successivamente, alle ore 14.15, il Santo Padre si è trasferito in auto al Parco di Monza per la celebrazione della Santa Messa.
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