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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Angelus for the Canonization of Mother Teresa

At the conclusion of the Mass celebrated in Saint Peter's Square for the Canonization of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, before reciting the Angelus, the Holy Father, Pope Francis spoke the following words to those who were present:

Greetings of the Holy Father, Pope Francis
at the conclusion of the Mass of Canonization
for Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we conclude this celebration, I wish to greet and to thank all of you who have taken part in this celebration.

First of all, the Missionaries of Charity, who are the spiritual family of Mother Teresa.  May your holy Foundress always watch over your journey and help you to be faithful to God, to the Church and to the poor.

With great deference, I greet the distinguished Authorities who are present, especially those from countries associated with the figure of this new Saint, as well as the official delegation and the numerous pilgrims who have come from many countries for this joyous occasion.  May God bless your nations.

And with affection, I greet all of you, dear volunteers and workers of mercy.  I confide you to the protection of Mother Teresa: may she teach you to contemplate and to adore the Crucified Jesus every day and to recognize him and to serve him in our brothers and sisters in need.  Let us ask for this grace also for all those who are united with us through the media in every part of the world.

At this time, I want to remember all those who give of themselves in service to their brothers and sisters in difficult situations and at great risk.  I think especially of the many Religious women who are giving their lives without counting the cost.  Let us pray especially for the Spanish missionary Sister, Sister Isabel, who was killed two days ago in the capital of Haiti, a country that is experiencing so much difficulty.  I hope for an end to such acts of violence and that there will be greater security for everyone.  Let us also remember other Sisters who recently have suffered violence in other countries.

We do this, addressing ourselves in prayer to the Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of all the saints.

Angelus Domini ...

After the celebration of the Canonization Mass, 250 Missionary Sisters of Charity, 50 Missionary of Charity Brothers and volunteers hosted a pizza lunch which they served to 1500 poor persons in the Paul VI Audience Hall.  This luncheon was offered by Pope Francis and prepared by a pizza maker from Naples, the pizza capital of the world.  Buon appetito a tutti!
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