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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pope Emeritus' new book is precious

A new book of interviews with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI hit bookshelves this past Friday in the Italian language. The book entitled The Last Conversations, by German journalist Peter Seewald covers a number of themes including his decision to resign. Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi is President of the Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI ) Foundation.

For Father Lombardi there are two very important aspects of this book. The first, he says, is the witness Pope Emeritus Benedict gives as he lives this last phase of his life. The last time of his life is preparation for the encounter with God. This is a very important witness, profound, spiritual; a witness of faith.

Father Lombardi goes on to say that this theme justifies this book, because his explanation of how he is now experiencing the presence of God in his life is something that is precious and urgent…

Theme of resignation
Another key theme says the Ratzinger Foundation President, is how he says again clearly and I think in a definitive way the reasons of his renunciation (resignation), eliminating every rumour, every false interpretation as consequence of the scandals of the difficulties, 'no', he says no, it was a time I (the Pope Emeritus) had already overcome the difficulties and then there was the good time to make a decision before God in total responsibility and this I have done and I am happy of (with) this decision and I have not changed my mind.

Recalling other interesting themes and points in the book, Father Lombardi mentions Pope Benedict’s reflections on his participation at the second Vatican Council, and his collaboration with Saint John Paul II. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s The Last Conversations was published worldwide in Italian on September 9, 2016.
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