Monday, November 13, 2017

Condolences to Marseille

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has sent a telegram of condolence for the death of His Eminence, Cardinal Bernard Panafieu, Archbishop emeritus of Marseille (France).  His Eminence died yesterday.

Telegram of His Holiness, Pope Francis
expressing condolences to the Church in Marseille (France)

To His Excellency, Georges Pontier
Archbishop of Marseille

Having learned the painful news of the death of Cardinal Bernard Panafieu, Archbishop emeritus of Marseille, I send my sincere condolences to you and to his family, to the members of his diocesan family and to the Community of Notre-Dame de Vie who surrounded him in his final years.

I ask the Father of all mercies to welcome into his peace and light this wise Pastor who demonstrated the goodness and love of God to those who were entrusted to his care, first as Auxiliary Bishop of Amnecy, then as Archbishop of Aix-en-Province and Arles, and finally of Marseille.  Attentive to precarious situations and the diversity of the people of his diocese, he contributed eminently to the dialogue between cultures and religions, also promoting peaceful coexistence for everyone.

As a sign of comfort, I send Your Excellency the Apostolic Blessing which I also extend to your Auxiliary, to the family of the deceased Cardinal and to his friends, as well as to his former diocesan family and all those persons who will participate in the celebration of his funeral.


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