Friday, November 17, 2017

Greetings to Myanmar

The Holy Father, Pope Francis has issued a video message just days before he leaves Rome for his Apostolic Voyage to Myanmar - from 26 to 30 November 2017.

Video Message of His Holiness, Pope Francis
prior to his Apostolic Voyage to Myanmar

Dear friends,

While I prepare to visit Myanmar, I wish to send a word of greeting and friendship to all her people.  I can't wait to meet you.

I am coming to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, a message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.  My visit seeks to confirm the Catholic community in Myanmar in their faith in God and their witness to the gospel, which teaches us the dignity of every man and woman, and challenges all of us to open our hearts to others, especially to the poor and those who are in need.

At the same time, I want to visit your nation in a spirit of respect and encouragement for every endeavour to build harmony and cooperation in service to the common good.  We are living in a time when believers and men of good will increasingly feel the need to grow in mutual understanding and respect, and to support one another as members of the same human family because we are all children of God.

I know that many of you in Myanmar are working very hard to prepare for my visit, and I thank you for that.  I ask each of you to pray that the days I will spend with you may be a source of hope and encouragement for everyone.  Upon you and all your families, I invoke the divine blessings of joy and peace!  See you soon!

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