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Saturday, August 5, 2017

A new Shepherd for Syro-Malankara Catholics

This morning, Pope Francis has named a new Bishop for Syro-Malankara Catholics living in the United States and in Canada.  His Excellency, Philipose Mar Stephanos Thottathil has, until now, served as Auxiliary Bishop of Tiruvalla (India), but as of today is assigned to the See of Saint Mary Queen of Peace - which is the name given to the territory in the USA and in Canada which he will now serve.

His Excellency, Philipose Mar Stephanos Thottathil

Born in Ranni, Pathanamthitta District (Kerala, India) on 9 May 1952, His Excellency completed studies at the Minor Seminary and then continued with further study in Philosophy and Theology at the Papal Seminary in Pune before being ordained to the Presbyterate on 27 April 1979.  After having served in various parishes, he obtained a Doctorate in Moral Theology from the Accademia Alfonsiana in Rome.

Returning to his country, he was then entrusted with the following responsibilities: Vice-Rector of the Minor Seminary, Coordinator of Missions in Delhi, Director of the hospital at Pushpagiri, Professor of Moral Theology, Dean of Theology and Rector of Saint Mary's Malankara Major Seminary, Treasurer and Protosincello of Tiruvalla (2003-2005).

Consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Tiruvalla on 13 March 2010, Mar Stephanos was then assigned the titular See of Sozopoli di Emimonto.
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