Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chilean victims to meet with Pope

In response to the questions posed by journalists concerning an upcoming meeting between the Holy Father, Pope Francis and some victims of abuse which reportedly took place in Chile, the Director of the Holy See Press Centre, Greg Burke declared the following:

Statement of Greg Burke
Director of the Holy See Press Centre

This coming weekend at the Casa Santa Marta, the Holy Father will welcome three victims of abuse by Clergy in Chile, namely: Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and Jose Andrés Murillo.

The Pope thanks them for having accepted his invitation: during these days of personal encounter and fraternity, he wishes to ask for their forgiveness, to share their sadness and his shame for what they have suffered and, above all, to listen to all their suggestions in order to avoid repeating these reprehensible occurrences.

The Pope will receive the victims individually, allowing enough time for each one to say all that he wishes to say.

The Holy Father asks for prayers for the Church in Chile at this moment of sadness, hoping that these encounters may take place in a climate of serene trust and that they may be a fundamental step toward remedying and avoiding forever the abuse of conscience, power and in particular, sexual abuse within the Church.

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