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Monday, June 12, 2017

Sisterhood: the second episode

On Pentecost Sunday (June 4, 2017), Salt+Light Television premiered a new series entitled Sisterhood.  Each of the seven parts of this series focuses on the work of one of the Congregations of Religious Women in various parts of the world.

Last Sunday's episode focused on the work of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, while last night's episode focuses on the charism of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Last night (Sunday, June 11), the second episode of the series - focused on the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - aired for the first time.  The charism of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus calls them, as consecrated women, to uphold the redemptive love of Christ through unity, peace, and reconciliation in our broken and divided world. They work to uplift the dignity of womanhood, to educate children and youth, to reach out to the sick, the aged and all wounded persons, and to care for our earth. Through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, they promote love, forgiveness, unity, and hospitality among all people.

Founded in Benin City, Nigeria, they respond to the needs of the Church as they come up and wherever they occur. They participate actively in local situations, working to eliminate the root causes of poverty, to empower women, and they work toward the realization of peace, justice, love, and the unity of all God’s creation. In responding to the signs of our times, their congregation works to alleviate the horrible effects of the dehumanizing practice of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Their inspiration is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his Church. That They May be One (Jn 17:21).

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