Sunday, June 9, 2019

Video Message to the New Horizons International Community

The Holy Father has sent a Video Message to the New Horizons International Community, marking the XXV anniversary of the Foundation of that community which was established by Chiara Amirante.

Video Message of His Holiness, Pope Francis
sent to the members of the
New Horizons International Community

Dear boys and girls,

On your anniversary, I want to be present among you.  Twenty-five years in the life of an institution require us to remember and promise. Remember the good that God has done in the institution and also what God has done in your lives.

We must never lose our memory. In your memory you will meet God: the God who accompanied you, who made you grow, who took you, as Deuteronomy says, in solitude ... he drew you from a solitude full of solitary howls (Dt 32,10), with dogs ... - and this is beautiful -, and has brought you so far.

And then look to the future, because life doesn't end there. None of you was born to be zitellone or a spinster in a spiritual sense. Perhaps many of you will not marry, but you will have to be fruitful, and give your joy as fruitfulness to others. Memory and hope of fruitfulness.

I wish you many beautiful things on this anniversary! And may the Lord bless you. Pray for me because I need your prayer. And don't lose your sense of humor.  Good bye!
Original transcription in Italian

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