Friday, December 6, 2019

Greetings for the members of the National Notaries Fund

This morning, inside the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the Holy Father, Pope Francis received in audience the members of the National Notaries Fund on the occasion of the centenary of their foundation.

Greetings of the Holy Father, Pope Francis
addressed to members of the
National Notaries Fund

Distinguished representatives of the National Notaries Fund!

I am pleased to welcome you at the conclusion of the centenary of the establishment of this social security institution. I cordially greet all of you, beginning with your President, whom I thank for his words. Your pension fund has a dual purpose: to provide an additional check on each notary in operation, to ensure that their fees do not reach a certain threshold; and to subsidize retired notaries and their families who are in conditions of particular need.

Both aspects are inspired by the principle of solidarity, nurturing the sense of communion within the category. To these two main aims of your institution, there are other assistance activities in favour of the formation of notaries of first appointment, who are in conditions of hardship, as well as the granting of study grants in favour of the children of notaries in precarious economic conditions. I encourage you to maintain these lines of mutual support, which relate to your identity as well as to your history. They are characteristic elements that make your business more credible and arouse our appreciation for you.

In a social context increasingly marked by the desire to compete on the highway of profit, which obliges us to always march in the overtaking lane, you are called to exercise your role in a spirit of authentic service. Your presence in the bargaining dialectic is the seal not only of legality, of which you are the custodians, but of balance and thoughtfulness and therefore, ultimately, justice. In the challenges you face, you help society to become more human by listening to you and bringing your knowledge closer to everyone. It is a question of becoming mediators between the law and the socio-economic needs with the rigor that is proper to the notary, providing a correct application of the rules, but also through the careful care of people's expectations and their need for certainties and protections. As part of his work, the notary, in order to be consistent with his profession, will endeavour to nurture a sincere sensitivity to the dignity and rights of the people who are addressed to him; he will not fail to defend all that is right and all that is true as indispensable principles; without forgetting charity, the main and necessary virtue in interpersonal relationships.

As the Second Vatican Council recalls, we are witnesses to the fact that a new humanism is being born, in which man is defined by his sense of responsibility towards his brothers and his history (Gaudium et spes, 55). This affirmation induces the operators of the different sectors of public life to be protagonists of an effective and fraternally just service, in order to collaborate in the realization of a social order that responds more faithfully to the law of God and to the ethical norms that derive from it.

The delicate profession of notary occupies an important place in the structure of every society. From this derives the need to become aware of some fundamental qualities: technical competence and moral integrity are essential for being able to exercise this important service to the community correctly. These are values that are so necessary in the practice of one's professional activity, but which become indispensable in you, who are the intermediaries between the individual or the social group that makes use of your function and the established juridical order of which you are called to be faithful performers. All this must push you towards an ever deeper knowledge of the legal order, with your gaze directed at every moment toward the greater good of the human being and of society itself, that is, to the common good.

I encourage you to continue acting promptly towards anyone who comes to you, and to always animate your Mutual Assistance Fund with the founding values. I invoke the blessing of the Lord on you, on each one of you, on your families, and may the Lord bless everyone, and also on all of you who are represented here. And I ask you to please pray for me. Thank you.
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