Saturday, May 4, 2019

Video greetings to Macedonia

The Holy Father, Pope Francis sent a video message of greeting and thanks to the people of North Macedonia, only days before the Apostolic voyage he intends to make on 7 May to that country, at the invitation of the highest authorities of that country.

Video greetings of the Holy Father, Pope Francis
to the people of North Macedonia

Dear brothers and sisters in North Macedonia!

By means of this brief message I wish to express to you the joy and sentiments of affection that I have for your people and for the Church that is alive in your land.

After your country achieved independence, the Holy See wanted to establish relations of friendship and diplomatic ties with you. Today, more than ever, we need to expand - in Europe and in the whole world - the culture of encounter, the culture of fraternity, and I will come among you to sow these seeds, sure that yours is a good land, that it will know how to welcome these cultures and to bear fruit. In fact, the peculiar beauty of the face of your country is due precisely to the variety of ethnic and religious cultures and belonging that live there. Of course, cohabitation is not always easy, we know it. But it is an effort that is worth undertaking because the most beautiful mosaics are the richest in colours.

I entrust my visit to the intercession of a great saint, a daughter of your land: Mother Teresa.  Born and having grown up in Skopje, she became - with the grace of God - a courageous missionary of Christ's charity in the world, giving comfort and dignity to the poorest of the poor.

Dear friends, let us prepare for our meeting by praying, so that it may be fruitful in peace and every good for all your people.  May God bless you!
Original text in Italian
Texto en español

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