Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vatican Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications resigns

The Holy Father, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation offered by Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications (SPC).

Until the new Prefect is named, the Secretariat will be headed up by the Secretary for that same Dicastery, Monsignor Lucio Adrián Ruiz.

Letter of Resignation
offered by Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò

Vatican City
19 March 2018

Holy Father,

During these recent days, many controversies have surfaced regarding my work which, by no intention of mine, have destabilized the great and complex work of reform which You had entrusted to me in June of 2015 and which you see now, thanks to the contribution of many people beginning with the staff of this Dicastery.  This work is now in its final stages.

I thank you for your paternal support and balance which you have generously offered during this time and for the renewed esteem that you also wished to demonstrate in our most recent meeting.

With respect to the people who have worked with me during these past years and to prevent my presence from delaying, damaging or even blocking that which has already been established by your Motu Proprio, L'attuale contesto comunicativo dated 27 June 2015, and above all, for love of the Church and for you, Holy Fahter, I ask you to grant my desire to relieve me of this duty, leaving me - should you wish - available to collaborate in other ways.

On the occasion of the Christmas greetings offered to the Curia in 2016, you reminded us that reform can only be effective if it is carried out by 'renewed' men and not simply with 'new' men.  It is not enough to be content with changing the staff, but we must bring the members of the Curia to be renewed spiritually, humanly and professionally.  The reform of the Curia does not take place in any way simply with the change of personnel - something which undoubtedly takes place - but with conversion and within people.

I believe that being relieved of my duties will be for me a fruitful occasion for renewal or, remembering the encounter between Jesus and Nicodemus (Jn 3:1-21), this will be a time for me to learn how to be reborn from above.  The Church speaks of the roles you yourself have taught us: to love and to live, but to love and to live in service to others, a style of life that I have always tried to live.

Holy Father, I would thank you to accept my departure so that the Church and her journey can continue her journey, following the guidance of the Spirit of God.

Asking for your blessing, I assure you of a prayer for your ministry and for the journey of reform that has already begun.

Dario E. Viagnò
Original text in Italian

Letter of His Holiness, Pope Francis
addressed to Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò

Vatican City
21 March 2018

Reverend Monsignor,

Following our most recent meetings and after having reflected at length and attentively pondered the motivation for your request to take a step back from the direct responsibility for the Dicastery for Communications, I respect your decision and welcome your resignation from the office of Prefect, although not without some effort.

I ask you to continue by remaining at the Dicastery, and I appoint you as Assessor for the Dicastery for Communications in order that you might provide your human and professional contributions to the new Prefect regarding the project of reform proposed by the Council for Cardinals, approved by me and shared through the normal channels.

This reform has now reached its final stage with the imminent fusion of l'Osservatore Romano within a unified communication system for the Holy See and the Vatican printery.

Your great commitment in these recent years to the new Dicastery along with your style of comparison and docility which you have demonstrated among the collaborators and the other organizations within the Roman Curia has made it obvious that the reform of the Church is not principally a problem of organizational charts but rather a matter of acquiring a spirit of service.

While I thank you for your humility and profound sensus ecclesiae, I willingly bless you and entrust you to Mary.

Original text in Italian

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